Nakiri Knife 7 Inch - Japanese Chef's Knife

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MannyGa Nakiri Knife 7 Inch Japanese Chef's Knife with Ergonomic Handle Knife for Kitchen and Restaurant.


  • Knife For Home Chefs & Professional Chef:This durable knife's razor sharp and forged blade effortlessly chops, minces, slices and dices any vegetable or meat.Expertly crafted with a perfect blade angle, this MannyGa Chef's Knife that cuts with ease and efficiency has been the first choice of both home chefs and professionals alike.
  • All-purpose Kitchen Knife:This MannyGa 7.0'' usuba knife can be used not only to cut vegetables and fruits, but also to cut lamb chops,roast duck, turkey, rabbit, and other grilled meats.This nakiri knife is perfect for busy kitchens.
  • Sharp and Durable Chef Knife:This vegetable knife is made of pure forging and quenching process, which makes the blade sharp and durable.It's perfect for kitchen and hotel needs such as shredding carrots, cutting tomatoes, dicing onions, chopping melons, or peeling avocados.
  • Well Balanced & Good Grip Handle:Featuring an ergonomic handle made from Rosewood that is resilient and ultra-durable, this exceptional kitchen knife is correctly weighted and well balanced for easy controlling, anti - slip and save effort.
  • FANTECK GUARANTEE:100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE try it risk free.We are committed to providing our customers with quality products and friendly service.Comes with a luxury gift box, which makes it a wise choice for a gift for culinary students, home cooks, professional chefs, etc.