Magnetic Eyelashes

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  • 【Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit】Our magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner kit comes with 5 pairs of reusable magnetic lashes in different styles, 2 tubes special magnetic eyeliners, and a lash applicator tool, makes it easier for you to have lashes for any occasion. It will give you that natural look you've been wanting, the five styles lashes will give you natural softer and bold look that frame the eye, it with five stronger magnets, give you a glamorous 5D looking instantly.
  • 【 Special Upgraded Magnetic Eyeliner 】JOMARTO 2 tubes special eyeliner contain ultra-fine magnetic particles allowing the magnetic eyelash to apply easily instead of wrestling with finicky lash glue, also extend the life of the product.
  • 【Safe & Easy to Use】 Simply line your eyes with the magnetic liner, then wait for the liner to become completely dry. Magnetic eyelashes attach to each other with two magnetic strips that snap right over your natural lashes for gorgeous lashes in a few seconds, sans mess. To be ware of, you must wait for the eyeliner to completely dry on the eyelid before wearing the magnetic eyelashes, otherwise the eyelashes will be weak and easy to fall off.
  • 【Long Lasting Waterproof 】Our magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner kit is very durable and strong. And these magnetics are small but strong to make sure you have your gorgeous look all-day long. It’s also water-resistant and doesn't fade. You can enjoy your beautiful lash look all-day long!