Car Windshield Snow Cover

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  • ✔️【Defense Snow, Ice, Sun and Leaves】Our windshield cover can block snow, ice, sun, and leaves for your windshield, so this windshield cover will definitely save you lots of time and effort when cleaning your windshield especially in winter!
  • ✔️【5 Layers of Materials Windshield Snow Cover】Made from 5 layers of high quality materials,our windshield snow cover is thicker and more durable than others. It can minimize external impact damage and fully protect your windshield.
  • ✔️【Large Size Windshield Snow Cover, Fit Most Vehicle】With the size of 62" X 48", this car windshield snow cover fits many cars,Van and SUV. This car windshield snow ice cover is also long enough to protect the windscreen wipers well.
  • ✔️【Triple Fixation WINDSHIELD SNOW COVER】The side wings of this windshield snow cover for ice and snow can be clamped by the doors. Two side elastic bands can be hung on both side mirrors. 3 built-in powerful magnets can attach the end of windshield snow ice cover to your engine hood. These three fixation will hold the windshield cover firmly, even in a snowstorm.
  • ✔️【Easy to Install and Efficient】It's easy to install this windshield snow cover without any tools. This windshield cover would take you a few seconds to install but will save you much time and effort before you drive your car.