Ali York Dog Lick pad 2 Pieces

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  • [FOOD GRADE MATERIAL] The slow food pad is made of high-quality food-grade silicone material, so pets can use it with confidence.
  • [REDUCE ANXIETY] Using Ali York dog licking pad can reduce dog anxiety, boredom, and destructive behavior.
  • [HELP DIGESTION] The labyrinth-type slow food pad design makes dogs eat slowly, forcing them to change the eating time, promoting digestion and reducing bloating.
  • [EASY TO USE] The licking pad is easy to use, just put a little healthy food on the ground, such as peanut butter, yogurt.
  • [KIND REMINDER] It is normal for the mat to have a special smell when it is first used. It is recommended to soak it in warm water for a period of time and rinse with water after each use.