Ali York Cat Window Perch

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  • The cat hammock is made of high-quality PP material with a strong bearing capacity and can bear a weight of up to 30 pounds. Even two cats will not worry about problems. High-density odor-free Oxford cloth, comfortable and breathable, good touch, no odor, abrasion resistance and bite resistance. Select materials based on cats’ nature to scratch, bringing more fun to cats
  • Powerful big suction cup, four suction cups can be firmly attached to the smooth surface, the suction cup is suitable for smooth and air-tight surfaces, such as refrigerator/glass/flat tiles, etc. Using tough rubber coated steel wire, the surface is soft and smooth, with high tensile strength, anti-biting, and very durable
  • Cats can enjoy the warm sunshine and enjoy the scenery outside the window. Jumping up and down on the hammock is also helpful to the health of the cat. It is a unique way of exercising
  • The installation is simple, and one person can easily assemble it. It is recommended to disassemble and clean the hammock regularly, which will be more hygienic and will not be bothered by the suction cup falling off
  • Size 21.7in *13.8in *1in, rope length 22in, weighing about 1.1 pounds